Hill of Remembrance

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For the past several years the Police Hall of Fame has utilized a beautiful visual image to aid in remembering fallen heroes. This image came to be called “The Hill of Remembrance”. Each year flags are posted on the hillside out front of the Hall of Fame in honor of each family survivor currently in Hall of Fame programs. This past May, during Police Week, 12,548 flags were posted.

Hill of Remembrance


Over 9,000 fallen officers are honored by the American Police Hall of Fame and Museum. Use the search form below to find an officer.

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Police Memorial Day

Plans are underway now for the 2018 Police Memorial Day events. The dates are May 18th-29th, 2018

To be included on the invitation list, send a request to:


Police Memorial Day Invitation

6350 Horizon Drive

Titusville, FL 32780

Police Memorial Day

2016 Mounted Patrol

The 2017 Police Memorial Day Service included a mounted posse as well as a mule drawn caisson and caparisoned horse.

Police Memorial

The American Police Hall of Fame and Museum is the nation’s first and only in-door Law Enforcement Memorial. Each year thousands of people visit the memorial to honor those officers fallen in the line of duty. Many of those who visit the memorial desire to leave photos or mementos near the name of their beloved fallen officer. The placement of these mementos adds to the somber majesty of the memorial. If you would like more information on leaving tributes in the memorial, please follow the Memorial Guidlines link below.

Memorial Guidelines

Pipe and Drums

The Central Florida Pipe & Drum Band provided traditional Celtic music to accompany the ceremony.

Photo Gallery

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