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Hank Nava Patrol Car

Hank Nava Patrol Car

Hank Nava

This 2004 Ford Crown Victoria is on loan to the American Police Hall of Fame and Museum from the Fort Worth Police Department. It was the service vehicle of Officer Hank Nava.

Officer Henry "Hank" Nava, Jr. was a 17 year veteran officer who had served the last 14 years with the Fort Worth Police Department. Officer Nava died December 1, 2005, two days after being shot while looking for a fugitive at a mobile home in northwest Forth Worth.

Officer Nava's vehicle was put on display in the Fort Worth area to commemorate his sacrifice for the community. Hundreds of thoughtful people began signing the vehicle with words of support and encouragement. This vehicle is a testament of the public support not only for Officer Nava's family and the Fort Worth Police Department, but for all law enforcement in America. It has been sealed in a permanent coating to protect the writing.