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Yamaha Big Bear

Yamaha Big Bear ATV

Also commonly referred to as a Sea Doo or Jet Ski. This “Special Unit” was prepared and donated by the #9463 Foundation in Pompano Beach, Florida. This beautiful one of a kind unit is a 1994 Polaris 750cc Police Interceptor that is as fast as it is pretty. All the lights and the siren are in perfect working order and the seat features a 50,000 hand stitched Hall of Fame logo. Special units like this can greatly enhance law enforcement efforts to curb drug trade business conducted in smaller tributaries inaccessible to larger vessels. Small planes often fly over small waterways and drop shipments of drugs to waiting dealers. The #9463 Foundation raises funds and support for police family survivors within the state of Florida. Its name originated from the badge number of fallen officer Sgt. Chris Reyka from the Broward County Sheriff’s office who was killed in the line of duty.

This unit was specially prepared by: